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Begin your company's journey of digital transformation by exploiting data and tirelessly applying real-time insights to inform important business decisions

01. Governance

02. Task Activity

03. Status Alerts

04. Dashboard Overview

Monitor the entire system using a dynamic, easy to understand, and intuitive dashboard that will link all three aspects of the business team: Executive, Analysis, and Development.

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05. Communication

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Here is How CUBR Works

A set of data preparation tools that allow their users to quickly access data, as well as standardize, match and eventually connect to down-stream applications.

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Enterprise Solutions for your Company

Analytical Models are developed with a monitoring and deployment mindset. Data Scientists and Analysts can monitor and retrain their models as they degrade.


Give Data Scientists the tools they need to monitor and assess the changing quality and relevance of their data by incorporating a version control system that shows who has access to the data, where it resides, and how it has been changed over time.

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Task Activity

Standardize manual, repetitive tasks during the development and retraining process to reduce complexity and points of failure, as well as have the ability to monitor who is completing the projects and what changes have been implemented.

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Status Alerts

When performance benchmarks for Analytical Models are no longer being met having automated alerts will help you know when to retrain, revise, or retire the models for increased efficiency.

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Monitor the entire system using a dynamic, easy to understand, and intuitive dashboard that will link all three aspects of the business team: Executive, Analysis, and Development.

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Improve your teams ability to communicate with each other by utilizing comprehensive tools in order to build better analytical models in the most efficient way possible.

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Progress Timeline

Steps to begin your transition into MLOps


Understand the current situation your business is in, document and takes notes on who is doing what currently and what models exist


Begin the transition to MLOps by making small changes to specific groups by training the different teams how to use the system and fostering a cultural commitment to the change


Invest in standardization and optimization by using AIStudio to reduce risk and accelerate thoroughput


Implement model Governance by comparing different models fairly and ensuring that they are running optimally

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Use Case Studies

Various ways that this program can be used for practical applications
in real world applications

Using EKG as a fingerprint for Identity Validation - A Project With NASA

The data was taken from 1,000 EKG records, was preproccessed and then sliced into two sets: 70% for training and 30% for validation. The Deepbeat ID model has achieved 90% accuracy.
In order to increase the accuracy of the model we would add more EKG records. As more EKG records get stored in the database this would increase the training set.
To achieve this we would schedule a CT/continuous training of the model daily. Once the new model has achieved a higher accuracy performance the new model would be pushed into serving to improve accuracy.


01. Security


02. Healthcare

03. Food Services

05. Banking

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